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Crappie are a new phenomenon on my home lake and the area in general here in N/W Ontario in just the last few years (we did not naturally have pan fish this far north other than rock bass), so I am still constantly in the learning mode.  For the most part, jig and minnow have been the bread and butter way of catching crappie, but there are times a small lure presentation works better, which leads in to my question about Glo jigs.  I have read up some about them, but have never used them.  Do they seem more effective than a normal colored jig?  Which ones do you like best?  I understand there are some Glo jigs that use some sort of glow stick that is broken and attached to the jig and others that use a phosphorescent paint that must have a light shined on it to make it glow.  What types seems to be the best and how often do the ones that need light shined on them need to have that done?  Thank you for any thoughts.

lots of them work. can't think of any that don't work as far as glo jigs go. charge with 365nm uv flash light or cup. you could make your own by using the water proof smd led strip and wind it in a short length of pvc with an end cap. i carry a flash light and use it every time i mark fish and no takers or about 5 to 10 minutes depending on quality of paint that was used.
the size depends on plankton and if they are cluttering the sonar or are so many that you have to compete, then you size up. biggest i use is a 5mm and 3mm is normal size for up to 25 feet. i can tip with glo artificial and do ok also beside spikes.

if i had to pick just one jig that you can still buy it would be a kodiak - marks tiger glo blue with a glo little atom wedgees. here's a link below showing it work on nice size crappie and a tiny gill going from day to night. because of the paint colors it works well for day and night and that's in part why i would pick it over any thing else. it's made by kodiak

I just like glo jigs because, I like em.

There's merits at times that they help a fish see it and home in on the bait.  But I've also caught plenty of fish without the glow jigs also.  For the most part I use glow jigs for night fishing.

Dave R:
I use them and my go to jigs are Chekai tungsten from  Custom Jigs and Spins. My two favorite are the Wonderbread and chartreuse.

I like the big flat profile of the glow forage minnow fry jigs.  big glow big attraction.  w/minnow of course.


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