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Prior to first light.

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Hey guys. If you were fishing an hour or 2 before sunrise where would you start to look for crappie. In a deep basin or in the shallower flats?

This depends as some lakes see a migration towards shallow water with sunlight, while others might see a migration towards open water on sunlight.

It could also simply be that some fish are weed bed oriented while others are open water oriented. 

On one lake I know I will hit fish in the 7-10' weeds

On another lake I know I will hit fish suspended 15-25' over the 35' basin.

On yet another lake, there's always a school of crappies over that 50' hole.

Yet on another lake, I will find the fish over the 20' flat.  They don't hang over the basin, nor do they show in the weeds.

From my experiance....when low light starts to come the crappies move towards feeding sources.......which a lot of times means coming in towards weeds or structure......but it's fishing so things are never has easy as they should be

I pretty much fish the same areas as night time bite .find them suspended over deeper holes.however ive notice stained water lakes will have a speck bite pretty much all day and the clear water lakes shut off fast in daylight and dont come back around until dusk.

I have found that crappie don't move around much throughout the day as much as they move at different points during the season. Weed edges and shallower early and late season, basins during midwinter. Also depends on the body of water of course


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