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--- Quote from: CharlieBrn on Jan 18, 2017, 10:19 PM ---Best of luck to you guys.  After leaving Wisconsin 4 years ago now, seems the ice conditions and weather certainly make for an up and down season.  Action was fair up here in Alaska up to a week ago.  Winter finally arrived with 2 feet of snow with -30's right behind it.  2 solid feet of ice now but getting out to the lakes with the recent snow fall will be a chore.  Most lakes up here are seldom touched by hardwater anglers and you don't see small ice shack towns establish grounds like we do back home.  Having said that, it is something special to be the only one on an entire lake and the most of scene on the ice other than myself maybe another 2 or 3 anglers. Not that Alaskans don't ice fish, it's just not the winter pass time as it is in Wisconsin.  Tight lines everyone, be safe and looking forward to see pics of your days on the ice.

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definitely jealous! would love to fish up there for a few days. mountains surrounding the lakes. must be very peaceful compared to the sh.t show around here sometimes lol

good luck to you as well sir.

thanks for the reports, always good to read updates from guys out on the ice. will be up near lac du flambeau next weekend, will be traveling on foot so i'm hoping for the snow to get knocked down and then the slush frozen before then. neither lake is huge so i think we'll be OK if we take our time.

It is 37 and pretty good steady rain most of the day so far today. The snow should definitely be knocked down quite a bit. The snowmobilers are not happy.

wow. working on my smitty sled none the less.

I was out Saturday the snow was gone off the ice and water running down the holes like flushing a toilet. We still had 16" of ice but it looks to be getting soft. We drove our trucks out but I am starting to get nervous about driving out anymore until we get some cold weather. We sure don't need any snow right now we need cold.


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