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--- Quote from: eriksat1 on Feb 01, 2023, 10:26 AM ---I haven't been on the ice in almost a month the deep snow and slush was so bad here in NW WI. The last time I was out beginning of Jan. I almost didn't make it back off the lake with the snowmobile without getting stuck in deep slush. Since then we got about 8 more inches of wet heavy snow, I gave up. Hopefully this below zero cold will firm up the slush. But with all the deep snow I have my doubts? Plus the snow is so deep here there is no way I am walking out anywhere. If I can't take the snowmobile I'm just not going.

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I just got back from fishing a few lakes in washburn county and the snow is not bad on the lakes, used both snowmobile and atv. Sissabagama had trucks on it Saturday but they stayed in the plowed area. There was a ton of ice. Long Lake much less ice but not hard to move around on at all. Both lakes fished good.

Probably last weekend/week of fishing up north here. calling for 60s .


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