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Hey all, I'm not a new ND resident but am very new to fishing Audubon.  Spend most of my time on Sakakawea, but as there isn't much ice at all on Sakakwea yet this year, I've been going to Audubon.  Fished the Velva Point boat ramp area three weekends ago in 14 FOW, caught some smaller perch around sundown.  Fished the 3 Mile Point yesterday afternoon until early evening, caught 3 small perch in 17 FOW.  Most of my fishing on Audubon is in the afternoons into the evenings, as I've heard most of the bite on that lake is a night bite.  I would love to get on some decent eater walleye.  Think I need to start fishing a bit deeper to find walleye?  There's a ton of structure on that lake.  I'm pretty new to learning this ice fishing game, and my time these days is very limited due to work and family obligations.  So far I've been using Navionics and trying to fish steeper drop-offs.  Should i try fishing flats? Humps? Transition areas between deep water going to shallower flats? Any tips for a newbie?  Not looking for anyone's honey-hole or favourite spots, just looking for general help fishing that lake.  Thanks!


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