Author Topic: FROSTBITE RODS  (Read 4919 times)

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« Reply #30 on: Feb 07, 2022, 09:44 AM »
Sounds like some real quality control issues going on and idiots in the shipping department that are packing up broken products. How hard is it look at the item before you stick it in the box?

That and I forgot to mention that the road was just in a flimsy triangular carboard box with a few breaks in it. I took photos before I even opened the box expecting the rods to be snapped. Put them in a tube at least...

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« Reply #31 on: Feb 09, 2024, 05:48 AM »
So I'm going to add to this old post because I'm so fed up with the Hype that follows product branding. This company is complete trash!!!! and i come to you with 5 frostbite poles...... 2 i bought 2 gifted and a free replacement because when it arrived the tip was broke. EVERYONE  of these rod the tips broke and each one had to be repaired because surprise by the time you're ready for ice season and you get the maiden voyage on your new gear its out of warranty. Well that's my luck so I'm hoping to save others money and headaches. Each one of these poles broke in the same area, one as i set the hook on my finicky fooler, dropped 2 off my sled (different seasons) and the one arrived broken so that got replaced after 4 weeks. The royal flush my wife bought me for xmas this year the tip broke as i was testing the line for fraying after landing  a northern on 2# test.  Yup you guessed as i was tugging on the line i wasn't ready for it to snap and the pole flung out my hand landing on its side then doing an endo. I saw to myself "well I'm glad i tested that" pickup the rod and up tip is snapped clean off. It was the last tip i break from that company as i wont be buying anymore. I currently have 12 jigging poles from various companies and custom builders. So the handling and care isn't new to me. I'm rough on my gear but must of us are, But for the money i have invested into these poles i should get more then 4-5 fishing trips out of them. I still have and use my original poles from 6-7 years ago. Hope this long winded posts helps others out


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