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General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: @ The Cabin 2020/2021 Edition
« Last post by jedhead on Today at 07:24 PM »
Looking good!
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Flip N Fish
« Last post by ice dawg on Today at 03:58 PM »
I have a couple Pflueger 2800 reels with their boxes and everything that came with them. Years ago the owner of a bait shop offered to trade them for new Abu Garcia casting reels. A few years later the 2800s were selling for $215 on the bay auction. I have no idea what they are worth now.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by mr.clean on Today at 10:00 AM »
Good day, going to be a cooler day here then yesterday with a forecast high of eighty but humidity level is higher thankfully there is a 5-10 mph wind. Possible thunder storm this afternoon/evening and rain tomorrow. In our ever changing world i see the CDC is now saying vaccinated people should start wearing face masks again while indoors at public places as the delta variant of Covid-19 is causing an increase in infection numbers and deaths after dropping or holding steady for the past few months.In the western part of my county the grounds of a former NYS prison that was closed in 2011 has been developed since that time into an industrial park also a sports complex and lake on the grounds is now a popular kayaking location. The latest tenants coming to the industrial park are marijuana related businesses ironic since majority of the prisoners housed there in the 1970's-80's had committed drug crimes.
IFF good suggestion from Tom Turkey about contacting Medicare about the bills. I would also contact the hospital billing department to see why you are just now being told about these unpaid bills. It might be a good idea to speak with an attorney as the collection may try to put a lien/hold on your finances creating even more problems. Best to you in getting this resolved.
Eddie good someone caught the mistake before it would have resulted in even more lost time. hopefully the blue prints/building plans have been reviewed and everything is now correct.
ice Wanderer best to you with today's VA appointment. May you wife and MIL have a problem free trip from Vermont to your home. good the you have enough knowledge of electricity and local/state building codes to notice the problem with neighbor's outdoor lighting and correct it when installing the new LED lights.
Wallyworld best to you with today's fishing trip. may you be able to find a quite area of the lake and put some more walleyes in your boat.
Racquettedacker may all be good with you and your family. I hope you have not spent to many days working in high heat inside the green houses this Summer.
Hunts2long thank you for the photo while on vacation in different section of the U.S. I have visited decommissioned/dry docked Naval ships so know the beds are small on boats. In the case of the navy ships some crew members slept in hammocks. glad you daughter's had a good tubing trip.
Tomturkey Best to your wife with today's medical appointments. Good to read your were able to mow your front yard may the problem with lawn mower be an easy and cheap one to fix.
OldSailor sorry to hear you can not take pain killers due to being close to surgery date. Hang in there and all the best to you with the surgery and your recovery.
Old Goat may all be going well for you and your family.
Have a safe and good Wednesday.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by OldSailor on Today at 08:56 AM »
Good morning ER's!! Just to let you know, no pain meds for the hip!! Told that too close to surgery, so Tylenol Extra Strength is it!! They don't work for crap, so it's grin and bear it until the 3rd of August!! 7 days and counting!!!  :%$#!:
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by tomturkey on Today at 06:59 AM »
Highs in the mid  70's coming up. I did finally get the front yard mowed yesterday. Only the small back yard to go. Then I have to figure out why I now have to push the mower since the 4WD quit

Raq I guess we will have to find out what it takes to offend you. Don't forget if you ever get back over this way again we need to meet up.

Back to why I love shopping at Lowes. Our Refrigerator quit on Saturday. We went to Lowes and bought  a new one. The delivery date they first gave us was Wednesday. The salesman figured out how to get it delivered on Monday instead knowing the old one died. When we went to check out there were two checkout open. The one was run by a guy I do not care for. We went to the other one run by a young lady that was great. I told her how I appreciated they way she treated us before we left.

H2L I only participated in a few bass tournaments with a high school friend. It was so dangerous with the bass boats coming out of a no wake zone that I almost  got thrown over board. That was the last time I fished any tournament.

Bud I would suggest that you get ahold of Medicare to see why the new bills. It sounds like it may be a scam to me.

Time to get going as the wife has therapy then to the city for her to get an MRI of her lower back.

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by hunts2long on Today at 06:15 AM »
59* and cloudy.
WW, good luck today. I sometimes wonder how those "bass" people catch a fish. I have watched them "zoom" over there, make a few cast, then "zoom" somewhere else and do the same and every time they move they have to "zoom" by me. I know it is the same guy, he has his hat on
IW, the wife had 1 of 2 single cabins on the boat. Single bunk with a lower shelf for storage.
The girls spent about 3 hours out on the tubes. Scout loves the water and will swim non-stop if you let her. Rocky still won't swim but stands with just his head out of the water.
Have a good day and stay well...h2l

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by Raquettedacker on Today at 05:33 AM »
I know…. ;D
 It takes a lot to offend me.,, @)
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by wallyworld on Today at 05:29 AM »
Sorry, nothing personal my friend  :pinch: ;)2
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by Raquettedacker on Today at 05:22 AM »
I use to be one of those “fools”    @) ;D
 I only do 2 or 3 smaller ones a year now..    ;)
 The traveling and expenses became to much.
 Even though I did make some money and have boxes of trophies out in the garage.. ::)
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: 9:45 on a Tuesday..
« Last post by wallyworld on Today at 05:14 AM »
Raq.....thanks for the heads up  :bow:   all those fools were there at the launch Monday morning too, you know.....the ones that OWN the launch  :%$#!: :nono: >:(
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