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ice fishing in the valley
« on: Feb 19, 2012, 09:21 AM »
I come from Sask. and every lake is open to ice fishing there...
why in NS is all the ice fishing limited to one small pond.well maybe 2 ponds.that are far away from me... this sure sucks.. it causes extreme pressure on these small ponds and all the small fish that are removed every winter have no chance to grow..
more lakes should be open to ice fishing thus releiving the pressure on small ponds .. and if chain pickeral are a problem .. more lakes should be open for pickeral.. I would be more than happy ice fishing for pickeral and perch..
Ive been to lake Paul 3 times and never had a bite.. surely there are more lakes with chain pickeral...and perch..
I would love to take my stepdaughters fishing , but there is no sence because they would get discouraged if they didnt catch at least 1 fish...all lakes should be open for rainbows , perch and chain pickeral..


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