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94 Yamaha 500 Sled..Good for Ice??


So my little Bro text me this morning asking if I'm interested in a 1994 Yamaha 500 sled to haul my older carcass out onto the ice. It's in need of some clutch work but otherwise a solid machine. Cost????? hauling it from his place to mine and doing some work on the primary and secondary clutch.
Would/will this make a decent machine to get around on the ice? Never had one before, just driven others a few times around farm fields.

Fisherman 1:
At that price you can't look a gifted horse in the mouth.  For the price of some clutch work and re do the track suspension bearings and sliders, you will have a good machine.

I git a 93 yamaha phazer 2 i belueve its a 480 and it hauls me my wife and our buttload of gear grrat

Hell yes, for a couple hundred bucks for clutch work, it'll be a great machine for that.


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