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Honda Rancher or Foreman or Rubicon


so many choices so little inventory. Searched here saw many threads on then Honda models if you had to chose one for the ice and not much else what would you do is the 420 engine enough or step up to the 520. Also on the rancher IRS yea or nea? for sure want the ES and Power steering.  Any thoughts from those who have them.

Thanks in advance

I have the Honda rancher and love it, take it out on the ice quite a bit and use it hunting a bit to drive the trails and some for retrieval, but the most use the wheelers get is the ice season.  They start nice and I have the electronic shift ones where you have to shift through the gears just like a manual but right on the handle bars so you do not have to have the foot under the lever so I can have the bait bucket on the foot peg and not interrupt my shifting and all, love it and have used automatics as well just like the put it in this gear and slowly go down hills and things so I can use the brakes less. just my opinion.  Hope this helps some, let me know if you need anything else, love the Honda machines.

I have a Foreman and a Rancher. I really like the size of the Foreman better than the Rancher. Foreman also has foot shifter which I love. It is nice having a free hand, and my left foot isn't doing anything anyway. The Foreman does not have power steering and my rancher does. Definitely worth it for woods and trails, but not really very noticeable on the ice. Both machines have the straight axel. If you are towing anything with any tongue weight at all, get a straight axel. The IRS squats with any weight.
My 2.

thanks for the feedback I ended up going with the rubicon now onto which trailer enclosed, not enclosed been reading up on that to see the pro's and con's


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