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Snowdog compact or standard

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Question for all you Snowdog guys.  I'm looking at purchasing a Snowdog this off season and was wondering what size?  Compact or standard?  They make both sizes with the 13.5 horse motor so power is the same but can the compact do everything the standard can?  Can you put a reverse kit on the compact?   Will the compact pull the same as the standard?  Looking to ice fish with it mostly but will pull an animal or two out of the woods as well.  Thanks for the help!

I've owned the compact for three years. This past season I installed the reverse kit.Makes moving and storing it a lot easier.The compact is more manuverable than the standard , seeing that the compact is 8 inches shorter than the standard.

Thanks Poco+loco!  If you don't mind me asking how does it pull?  Do you ever need more power or traction?  Would the weight of the compact make a difference or track length?  Thanks again.

I use mine strictly for ice fishing. Halls two sleds with two people full of gear anywhere.

I think the big difference between compact and standard is the length of the overall unit and track. Not all that much difference in weight or width and no difference in HP with the 13.5 engine.
I suspect the compact will pull a decent load but the standard will pull more with the longer track and more rubber on the road so to speak. Both can get the reverse from the factory or as a DIY project but if you want reverse I suggest you buy the dog with it from the factory.
I just fished a local contest here with buddies and my standard dog. I pulled 2 very full 2 man pop up shanties and another very heavy sled loaded with lots of gear on a very messy lake with lots of snow and slush with no problems at all. Here is a picture of the train and the guy taking the photo stands in my sled behind me for the run. I will estimate easily 600 pounds and it never even felt it.


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