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Fished north of the Days River, about 6-8 inches of ice. ATV/Snomobile/UTV's moving about but sticking to that one area. Reports of a sled that went through yesterday at yellow gate. Virtually no one going off of the Kipling boat launch. Ice is still really sketchy. Folks starting to fish off the Gladstone Yacht harbor but strictly foot traffic. I caught a single perch for half a days fish. Definitely a weird ice year so far.

I know I heard of two people falling through by the coal docks last week. Haven't been great overnight temps to improve conditions. hopefully later this week. we'll see

Any updates on the ice conditions on lbdn?  Thanks in advance.

Check Bladesbait.com

Ice conditions are still pretty nasty. People venturing 100 yds tops off the Kipling launch. North Yellow gate is the prime access right now. Friend was off Saunders yesterday and it was 1-2". Folks off the Gladstone Yacht Harbor and they have about 2" there. Even the Escanaba harbor is only half froze up.


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