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Tricking trailers?!

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Fisherman 1:
If you plan on keeping the trailer for the long run, I would go and put a couple sheets of 1/2 inch ply on the floor to take up the damage from sled ski carbides and studs.  You only have to screw down the corners to keep them from sliding around.  If you use an ATV with chains, then a couple of thick rubber mats will suffice.  I added a couple of rows of coat hooks to keep clothes off the floor after changing.  A small folding chair is handy when changing clothes, keeps you from doing the one foot hop on the dry spot on the floor.  Basic white paint on the walls and ceiling makes it brighter inside.  I used cement/porch paint, oil based,  water runs right off.

I did Thompsonís premium seal inside and cut stall mats for my studded sled track. Bought ski boots for the skis.  Iím also building some shelves in the nose.  Actually more of a table top with a couple drawers and storage space.

Arctic Addict:

Pretty much a blank slate.

Arctic Addict:

Arctic Addict:
Anyone using the Caliber edge transition to span the gap between the door and the floor?  Looking for comments if you have used it or another product like it.


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