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Need new AT tires

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ply rating translates to how rugged the tire 8 or 10 ply tire is going to stand up to some abuse when driving over sharp objects or hitting larger bumps/pot holes. They have more carrying capacity. I've always ran load range E tires on my trucks

Arctic Addict:
I've been seal happy with my Goodyear Duratracs.  They are expensive but my last set lasted 50K miles.  Load rating E for my truck. 

BFG KO2s is what I have on my 2017 Ram now. Load range E, snow rated and upped the size to 275/65/20

I bought falken wildpeak in october of last year, very happy with them so far.

cooper AT3 4s for me, have had them on for 11 months like them so far


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