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Need new AT tires

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I have a Ď17 Ram 1500 with 275/60r20 tires.  I need a new set of AT tires for it.  I donít pull much with it and my ice fishing equipment probably weighs around 350 lbs total.  First question is what ply or load rating should I be looking at?  I also would like some good recommendations as well.  I am looking at the general grabber atx (8ply), Falken wildpeake at3w (4ply), Yokohama geo lander at (4 or 8 ply), or hankook dynapro atm.  Mostly used for highway driving while also on gravel, and section lines.  Looking for a good all around tire for dry, wet, snow and ice.
Thanks in advance

I bought the Falkens for my truck about a year ago, very happy with them, especially after two years on the crap tires my truck came with from the factory('17). The Falkens are economical and a good looking tire too.

What ply were the falkens you put on?  Only come in a 4 ply in my size.

Falkens were sold out every place I called in the size I needed so I went with the general grabber atx that Iím having put on next week.  I will post back after I have had them on awhile and give a review. 

I've been pretty happy with the Cooper ST MAXX on my truck. Load range E.


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