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looking for information on MichiganaFishermans larger folding ice shanty - I am open for ideas on how to make one that folds up and fits in a bed of a pickup - yet - like his - is spacious and functional.  thanks  I live in South Dakota 

Ronnie D:
Don't  know  of a suitcase / folder made anymore. I love em' because  of the floor.
I usually  p/u a shapell/ clam or viking from
cl or fb marketplace & hinge floor on one side for spearhole & add a shelf across rear door.

The Shappell DX were the last suitcases I know of, and they axed those last year. I love mine, got it 4/5 years ago.

Used ones pop up for sale here and there. There were a ton of them made by a lot of companies from the 90s into the late 2000s before hubs moved in and murdered the market.

Agree with RonnieD, online used market is going to be your best bet now that they're obsolete.

I am still around, just don't post much.
I'm pulling out all my folding shanties and getting ready for the season.
I can answer any questions you may have.
I built the shanty a long time ago, it seems, but it still works great.
By the way if you spell my name correctly it will show up on the tube
Michianafisherman I live on the border of Michigan and Indiana so a 50mile stretch is called Michiana

Next week I am modifying my two man shanty.

I might do some videos? depends on who's interested.
I'm making it taller to stand up inside and a full length door.
This will make it more stable when towing so a tow bar can be installed.
Also a nice LED light so I can see the small fishing lines.
My fishing buddies are old so I need a one man operated shanty to fish when I want.
Making the worlds fastest folding shanty more comfortable is how I plan on spending my season.

Update on my shanty.

I have been spending every night after work tinkering with my shanty.

Once I raised the walls 10 inches, my windows moved up too high to see out while sitting.
I made new windows and installed last night.
I have never built shanties so late in the year but I'm having a blast with all the problem solving.
Making a full length door was one of the problems to figure out, but it works great!
It's been so long since I posted any pictures on Iceshanty and photobucket because of wanting me to pay, I'm not sure what to do?

I also bought a new electric auger. My original Icegator needed new batteries and I wanted lightweight batteries that would set me back 250$
I picked up the Eskimo composite 40v at 13.5 lbs off the rack and turned around, grabbed the last one in the box and ran to the register.

we better get some ICE now


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