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Can someone please steer me in the right direction? I will be visiting wayne county (detroit) in mid April. I would like to get into some walleye. Can someone please give me some advice,(location, bait,lure,time). I am from southern NY  state and the walleye fishing is horrendous. Any help would be appreciated.

cbyzerman :  Our other Moderator FullTimeDad lives in Detroit and fishes Eyes in that area, he should be on before too long and give you some tips. Thats his baliwick.
Good Luck


April is a great time for eyes on the Detroit River and Trenton Channel.We always put the boat in at the Metro Park on Jefferson and got bait across the road at Bottom Line Tackle.We start up past the power plant and drift through the pack trying to match boat speed with the current so we can jig as vertical as possible.We use jigs in various colors and weights,usually 1/2 to 1 oz. depending on current speed and depth tipped with large shinner or 4' brown plastic worms.Even if I'm fishing with live bait I still use a rubber twister type body for bulk.One thing I would suggest is to use stinger hooks also,have plenty of jigs cause there are a lot of hang ups in the river.As far as the lures go most hand line and use pencil plugs,I don't fish that way but I'm sure FTD can help ya on that one and give you better info on ways to fish the River than I can.Hope this helps and remember there is a lot of places to fish the River other that the lower end................... .......Gary

Thanks for all the information. But what if you have to fish from shore?

I think that there is a public fishing pier some where in that area but you'll have to ask FTD about that.


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