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Big toothy critter


Heard from a bud at work that someone caught a 52 inch Northern out of Lime lake.  Will see if his aunt has any pics since she in the one that told him about it and she owns the local bait shop.  L8tr.

Mule Skinner:
Wow ! If you get a hold of a pic, post it up. I'd love to see that monster.

I'm sure theres several Lime lakes in Mi. so what County was this one in ?

I know of a Lime lk. in Jackson CO. near me. This surely couldn't be the same lake  ???

Kent County..Sparta Township.

Yeah...west of US 131 1 mile south of 17 Mile Road off Pine Island Drive.  I've seen dozens of guys out there at a time...for bluegills. (rainbow trout in that lake too?)  That's a monster pike for that lake being rather small. 


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