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Striker Gloves: Attack Gloves
« on: Jan 12, 2021, 04:33 AM »
Well I was on another impulse buy.  I was kind of just checking out various gloves for the heck of it.  I notice the Striker Attack Gloves did not have that adjustable wrist closure like that of most other gloves and how it was done this glove.  At first I thought, well that's different and probably not so good.  I still put the gloves on to try it and well, I like it.  I mean my hands seem to like it.  No extra stuff on the wrist to get caught on anything.  The glove exterior was also very clean with nothing to get caught on.

So I used it for one day and found out that yeah the smooth exterior makes it easy to handle things.  Again nothing to get caught on.  Putting the gloves into pocket was easy and smooth.  I'm used to most other gloves getting something hug up and usually the buckles on the back of gloves or the little stoppers for the wrist closer cords.  The one thing I will say is that since there is no elasticity in this glove, the fit is solid as is.  The velcrow wrist closure fits on as solid no stretch.  Good for working and it won't slip on you. Using it with the electric drill auger set up is the perfect task.  One hindrance is that if removing the glove in a hurry, well the velcrow wrist closure is solid so one has to unstrap it.  Then if the velcrow sticks the wrist closure small, it's difficult to just slip your hands in back.  That was kind of off shot, but I left it loose so I can take off and put on quick and it worked just fine for when jigging with rod.

I worn the gloves to fish outside and it worked well.  Just enough dexterity and just enough warmth for exactly what I wanted to use for working the rod and reel.  Even getting snow on it, I just shake that off and it stayed dry.  I actually like this glove for the intended use I had in mind.  Which also works very well for just tugging the rope on the sled.  The grip on the palm and finger is solid performance on everything I've touched with. 

Finally, no I did not dunk the glove into water.  Perhaps another time, when I'm not pulling the sled.

I kind of wish that there was just a little grab tab on either the bottom inside or the top of the cuff to assist putting glove on.  Well if it was , it will be just perfect for the one handed teeth bite tab to put on, since the wrist of the glove is actually not flared out wards like most other gloves.

Gloves also did a great job at warmth insulation.  I was using the fleeced lined nitrile gloves and my hands got cold.  Swapped to the Striker Attack Gloves and got my warmth back.  It wasn't that cold that day, just normal fishing temps from low twenties to upper twenties Fahrenheit. 
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