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Mid-day Eye.

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Can’t beat those mid day bites!!
Nice eye

Nothing better that that right there!!

Caught this one at Noon couple days earlier same lake.   Yah usually it's an evening bite for me but this season so far been having more of a day bite? ???


 We’re lucky Our walleyes are day biters


--- Quote from: Snitch#8 on Jan 26, 2023, 03:39 PM ---Yeah, that sure would be nice to sleep in and not get to the lake until 9 or 10!  Now I'm getting up at 4am to get ready, drive the lake, unload everything, head out onto the ice and set up before the sun starts coming up.  I like the idea of getting up at 6 instead of 4, lol.

--- End quote ---

So would I. Retired 5 years ago and can't sleep in past 4:00 AM...and I worked 2nd shift. Easily slept in until 7:00 while working. Dunno what happened. Oh well. In bed by or minus. Feel rested. Guess it's ok. And I'm never late for anything. Lol.


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