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Is it January or March?

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Water running in the holes! Feels like the end of March over here on the not so frozen tundra of Green Bay.

It's like October here in south-eastern Ontario, not alot of safe ice near me. :%$#!:

That's not good but better than Indiana.  No ice around here. Hope you start making some ice up that way, I'm headed up for a whitefish trip in late February.

I'd swear it was March out here instead of January, been 50 here and raining the last week.

I know, this is nuts! I keep checking sites for ice thickness and its gutwrenching to see it fizzle like this.  I'm not just 'stucios, I am super-sticious.... did any weather model predict this weather?
Are we El Ninio or El Ninia?

What did Farmers Almanac say? I did not see any for sale lately.

And I don't think I saw wooly biggers at all now that I think about it.

I have half a brain to pull the boat out and hit the big lake. No ice in Racine Harbor. I did now bother with Kenosha, but the fish are in there.


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