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Targeting Crappies

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To begin be prepared to drill and move. You can,t do like the trap guys. For me that means travel light and keep moving. Having transpotation as in a wheeler or sled is a great help. Start with your Auger selection. You do not need a 10 inch hole. You do not need bait. Light line like 3 ib test. Small jig assortment and small plastic bait.

Ya Iíve heard that when you find a school you can catch a few out of it but then they move on, and you have to try and get on them again. Thanks for the info.


--- Quote from: Rogger2006 on Dec 03, 2022, 08:17 AM ---Thanks for the info guys. And my son and I love your YouTube channel Precision Angling.

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Good luck. Glad you enjoy the channel!

franklin fisher:
  Hard to give real advice on where to target this species.  Everyone has given great advice.  For me it varies from according to different bodies of water.  One place I fish they hang around a big weed bed in the 15 foot depth range.  They might be on the bottom or they might be suspended. Depends on how they feel that day.

  Another place I fish they hang around a place with sparse weeds in the 8 foot depth range near the bottom.

  I have a place where they seem to be moving around a lot anywhere from 6 feet deep to 20 feet deep but always suspeneded in the middle of the water column because there is such a heavy yellow perch population that stays on the bottom.

  Most important though, always take Bee's advice. Drill, drill, drill, and move, move, move. Travel light and use a flasher, doesn't have to be one of the most expensive ones either. One of the cheaper Vexilar or Marcum or Hummingbird will all work great. Tungsten jigs with small plastic bait is all you need.

  Good luck.

Thats a ton of good info Franklin. Im hoping to get after them once we can walk on water! Ill keep you guys posted on how our season goes targeting them! Maybe we will see you out there. tight Lines!


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