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Targeting Crappies

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--- Quote from: DR.SPECKLER on Dec 02, 2022, 05:54 PM ---Im not from your state but have fished specks my entire life.i start out right at a weedline early in the season but mid winter i fish them suspended over deep water.late i go back to the original weedline that i started at.and i almost always fish them at night by the glow of a coleman lantern.the good morning and daytime bite seems like its in stained water.daytime bite is a jig with spikes,night time my presentation is a micro treble/splitshot rig tipped with a emerald shiner.

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X2. I've also found when using minnows to sometimes let them take the bait for a bit before setting the hook. I like using a slip bobber and let them take it an inch or 2 below the surface.

Alot of great info given here. If you have a boat, and can find them late fall, chances are good theyíll be in that area come first ice.

They tend to feed up, so if you have sonar and find em, keep your bait a foot or two above them.

Good luck!!

I use invisix too, just be careful with your knots when cinching down with floro. I donít have much opportunity to target crappie, but I go after all panfish in Maine.
A sonar/flasher is almost a must have when going for panfish. Drill a bunch of holes and then go back and check them.  if you donít see suspended fish, or nothing shows on the screen in 2-3 mins of jigging, move to the next hole. If you get with someone that has a side scan type sonar like a panoptix, you can stay on them all day.


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