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Ice fished in Maine my whole life, but I've never targeted Crappies. Since Maine IF&W isnt a fan of them (not sure why) it's difficult to find any info on them including what lakes to find them in. Any info you guys are willing to share about how to target them (what to look for contour wise, and what lakes to try) would be much appreciated. Seeing Joe Holland slammin them has got me fired up to try and find them with the ol' Livescope this season!

I target them in 30ft of water or less. Any deeper, they get barotrauma if you plan on releasing. I try to find bodies of water that are shallower than 30 ft. They are in the deep holes in the winter. Usually suspend 5-10 ft.  Jig head with plastic or bait is my go to. I also have a YT channel with a bunch of crappie content, if you wanted to check it out. 

Im not from your state but have fished specks my entire life.i start out right at a weedline early in the season but mid winter i fish them suspended over deep water.late i go back to the original weedline that i started at.and i almost always fish them at night by the glow of a coleman lantern.the good morning and daytime bite seems like its in stained water.daytime bite is a jig with spikes,night time my presentation is a micro treble/splitshot rig tipped with a emerald shiner.

Thanks for the info guys. And my son and I love your YouTube channel Precision Angling.

hardwater diehard:
Not from your area ...but cant beat pink and white combinations in general for jigs/spoons/plastics ...and tip downs are really hard to beat and will give you a heads up in which direction the school is moving . Fishing at night can be a blast with glow baits . A green light works well especially on the mid season basin bite.


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