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ATV Fees? WTH?

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ATV Fees went from $45 to $70... Kind of a jump....
They told me it was for trail fees. I don't use trails!!!
Maybe they should have done a trail use stamp.

I guess it happened a while ago. Just the first I heard of it. Gonna have to dig a few more clams...  :unsure: :icefish:

I looked... I still don't use trails and I believe a LOT of us also do NOT!!
Apparently the funds ARE dedicated. I just don't use trails...
"This bill increases ATV registration fees for residents from $45 to $70, nonresident 7-day registration fees from $75 to $100 and nonresident annual registration fees from $90 to $115 starting May 1, 2022. The additional $25 from each registration will be deposited in the ATV Recreational Management Fund (ARMF) within the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (ACF). Based on an estimated 78,000 ATV registrations, it is anticipated that the fee increases will generate an additional $1,791,817 in Other Special Revenue Funds revenue to the ARMF beginning in fiscal year 2022-23. This bill also includes an accompanying allocation to ACF for the expenditure of the additional revenue."

It would be nice if they had an ice only registration, would like one in NH that's for sure.

My wife and I each have ATVs and don't ride the trails. Registration has now "maxed out".


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