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St. Agatha Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby

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--- Quote from: jacksmelt71 on Jan 31, 2022, 12:05 PM --- yeah id love to do some winter camping in my insulated otter but not at last weekends temps. was there alot of people out there? only way id fish in those conditions is if i could fish out of my truck.

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Beleive me, I hear that!! No there werent a ton of people there, the usual groups here and there but you pick a spot and fish if you wanted to. The group with all the shacks just off the beach are a hoot! ;D


--- Quote from: Bduals207 on Feb 01, 2022, 05:10 PM ---I did 3 nights on long in an eskimo 949i no issues. A great way to weed out the softies though that's for sure. Had the woodstove going and all. A great time, and some great people for sure. I pulled up a pretty nice L.L but not enough to place. Surprised NO 3rd touge for kids was entered tho. Cant wait until next year!

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Thats what i need next, is a woodstove!! My wife and son  were warm and content, i was just worried about the wind, but we were tucked in a small cove so didnt get the brunt of it. I know, I told my son i wished he caught one to enter. Man did we have fun though, cold and all!!
Gotta love that Big Buddy!!

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