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Flooded River = BIG BROWN PICS (actually they are salmon) I stand corrected!

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well................I am pumped to say the least.  This AM was my first trip to the sweetwater this and Mike grabbed our fly rods and headed to a spot we knew would be "unfishable" in many people's minds....we arrived to the river.....and it was was a long drive up there so we threw the waders on and headed out into the whitewater. First we had to walk through knee high water....which is usually woods.  I stood there, in the water, looked down at my feet, and saw a HUGE brown.  I knew they hadn't stocked the river yet, so this lone ranger must have been a native.  To make a long story short, I casted a grey ghost (modified) up stream and as soon as it hit the water, the brown took off for it.  I lost site of the fish and was mending my line when.........WHAMMM... .a huge hit....I set it and the fish EXPLODED out of the water for one of it's 6 or 7 jumps.  10 minutes after battling this thing in the current, Mike was able to get to hands under the fish...we left our nets at home, figuring we would only "take a look at the river".  So without a net, it was tough!  we looked at the fins...and no clip!  the fish looked like an old pro that must have made it's way up from the pond.  Thankfully I had my camera phone ;D

After Mike gave me my phone back he whispered "there's another one!!"
Sure the same spot.....even after all the commotion, another SMALLER brown was resting in the current.  I casted the same ghost up stream and BAM

I released both fish, and man you could tell they weren't stocked.  Even after a 10 minute fight with multiple, leaps, I could barley hold on to the big one.  Hopefully when the river drops, they make their way back down river and stay out of the "snag" guys way.

The fat lady may be singing the salt but she sure ain't singing the sweetwater, huh?  Nice fish! 

nice fish ben! good to see theres a few big ones left. congrats!!

Scott Wright:
Nice job, skipper!! sweet fish...

great fish ben!! nice job once again bud!!


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