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Hope Everyone had a great summer.

The salt was good to me.

My son is 5 and loves the hardwater.  My daughter, 3, as well, so long as she's warm.

Looking to purchase a portable and put it under the tree to dad and kids from santa ;D

Anyone have any experieces with the Eskimo Traveler?

Let me hear your experiences with the others as well.  All input enjoyed.

no experience with the traveler but i have the lodge...i will speak for the quality of the eskimo shelters. the canvas is nice and thick and stays pretty dry in snowy weather. ive had mine 2 yrs . i have also heard great things about otter shelters

I have the shappell dx3000 and i wish i had bought the clam5600. The best part about the shappell is that its very light and it has a great big window so i can see all my flags not going up ;D

Scott Wright:
I plan on putting my el-cheapo Cabela's ice shanty kit back on the ice for one more season... it's a real eye-sore and thin, but the price sure was right...

Scott's clam is a thing of beauty... if we're real nice, he may even post a picture of it...

Hey Smeltshack,

Why do you wish you got the clam?  I'm debating between the two myself right now.   I think I may be leaning towards the DX 3000 becuase of the price and the weight. 


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