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started this afternoon! big white flakes! man its sure nice to see! a little late this year but ill take it. supposed to be a cold front behind this. hopefully finish the lawn off. never seen the grass and weeds last so long up here. anyway nice to see the white stuff. anyone else gettin' any?

still wet down here at the "bottom" but psyched to hear, there is actually, according to the weatherman, supposed to get as much as a foot in the western mts. Sugarloaf USA isnt even open unless your golfing LOL

had a few flakes mixed in with mostly rain. Apparently farther north they are getting it.

  Just alot of wind and rain here on MDI.

Sir Catchalot:
I got a good mix sleet/wet snow in Orono!  ;D

I had to clean off my windshield when I came back from class  :clap:


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