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sitting around my garage thinking of the money it will cost me for the carriage and softpck that Cabelas screwed me out of  >:(  knew i had an old skilsaw case around somewhere. this thing is tough ! could really protect my flasher

so i stat thinking i can make a flasher case but its kind of big  :-\  but then again nice and roomy say if i wanted to add a jigbox  :)   maybe a pair of needle nose connected by a cord so i wont drop down the hole. got the rubber stop on the transducer wire so i can slide it up and down. a rodholder strategically placed to hang it in the hole. another rodholder to put my rod in while im taking my jig out of the fish's mouth!!  ;D  even a slot for the manual til i figure out how to use this contraption  :D  how about a light for crappie fishing outside the shack!  ;)  introducing the billditrite complete hi tech redneck fishing system

Nice Job!  Necessity the mother of invention.

you watch em ill catchem and then take pictures hows that for a deal :roflmao: :whistle:

Gotta have a compass,  AM radio, and cupholder built in to qualify for "Redneck" status...

Scott2, looks to me like you figuired out the ducer problem.
Poorboy, you can get cup holder attachment for Vex.



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