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Walleye Moon

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When I see a moon like this my heart starts to pound, cuz I know its a gonna be a good walleye night.


Does a full moon really help with the walleye bite because I've heard that the big ones bite on a full moon. SO I went 4 times this Year on Open water. I went somewhere between 3 days before and 3 days after on all 4 trips and never got a walleye but catch them not stop when theres no moon.  Same with the crappie fishing through the ice I found out that when the moons out the crappie dont bite. Happens every year so Finally i stopped wasting my time crappie fishing when theres a full moon :)

For me, The moon has played little, or no affect on Walleye fishing at night.  Alot of Anglers will tell you different though.

Speaking of the photo - It's probably how most UFO sightings begin...

slayn em:
Speaking of the photo... is that guy fishing in a farmers field?


--- Quote from: slayn em on Dec 19, 2006, 02:35 PM ---Speaking of the photo... is that guy fishing in a farmers field?

--- End quote ---
If he's not, then he's in 6" of water. Doubt walleyes are there.


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