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white bass

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look at the size of this one she's not lined up good in the picture actually 16 1/2" I couldn't remember if they were aloud in the tourney so I took her picture with the card and put her back in oneida lake

Nice Bass Ms. Fishy.  ;)

peple of the perch:
its really fat


--- Quote from: jigwiggler on Feb 29, 2004, 05:34 PM ---Miss Fishy- Nice fish!  I've run in to them in Onieda before during open water but never through the ice, boy do they fight!  Do they school up in the winter like they do in the open water?

--- End quote ---
I don'y know that was the only caught I was shocked at the size we get them in the summer to but never 16 1/2 "  ::)

Fat Boy:
They are a lot of fun on light tackle.  Wish that we had them in Maryland.  We have stipers, hybrids, and white perch which are all fun, but those seem to be perfect for light tackle...a little bigger than white perch and fight better too.  I've caught some in my day, but have never eaten them.  I've eaten white perch though and they're really tasty.  Miss Fishy (or anyone), do white bass taste pretty good?  How would you rate them compared to other panfish?


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