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Wanted: Round WOOD Beaver Dam Tip Ups

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I am seeking to buy serviceable discontinued round WOODEN Beaver Dam Tip Ups. My buddy, who is quite old, had his stolen and he loved them. I looking to replace them for him. Im not concerned with the condition or appearance as long as they function well.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Some people really suck ande I feel bad for your freind. It's nice of you to try to make things right for him though, so I took some time looking all over and couldn't even find a picture of the old round wooden ones! The closest I found was one of the old round metal ones and the guy wasn't selling. Ebay has some of the vintage wooden rail type, and I found this guy that repairs Beaver Dam tip ups- maybe give him a holler and he could point you to some.

Karma! Hope it finds its way to the person who took them.


Here is a video of the round, wood Beaver Dam.

They look pretty neat- I saw one of the 12" black ones that sold on Ebay for $155, and a bunch of the plastic ones online. I would keep my eye on Marketplace, Craigslist, and Ebay in your area to see if your friend's show up.


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