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Leighton's in Maine report


AT Grimaldi:
ATG Jr and I went to Leighton's for the 230 and 930 tides.  We arrived late as I was getting a new auger at Dag's. (Love that place).  We had the jig boards set up around 430 pm.  The bite was OK, but slowish til 930 then i just shut down.  We had 13 lines in the water and refreshed the bait, every 10 minutes staggered at various depths and nothing.  We were using mostly Hali jigs of various weights and colors tipped with sea worms.  Most others experienced the same.  The tide was falling.  at 0230 we called it and headed out.  We landed 44 smelt and had a great time.  I just wish the fishing were better.  Leighton's seemed like a pretty nice place.  It was good to go to a new camp and see their operation. 


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