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Jan 10th this past weekend?

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Did anyone go out this past weekend? How did you all do? I was reading in the general chit chat about the full moon making it real slow for the fishies. I found it very slow on Sunday. We went to Burnstick Lake. Didn't see too many other people catching lots either.

We went to Gull on Saturday.  We caught a couple whites, some perch and a few pike, including one that was 16lbs.  I would say it was an average day for us.  Other than the white fish, typically we have more action with them.

BTW, one of the guys I work with was on Burnstick with a few of his friends on Sunday as well.  They caught a few during the day but the best luck in the morning.  But all and all they it was slow too.  His name is Bruce C*****.  For all I know he might have been part of your group.

Went to Kinnaird, and slaughtered the perch, a limit of 12" & up, with 14", the biggest.  Took my one walleye out of their too, about 5 lbs.  I actually caught quite a few walleye while fishing exclusively for perch!!

Hey Bushbunny.  Long time no chat.

I am thinking of heading up to Jackson, Blackett and Kinnaird this weekend.  Sounds like the fishing is good.  Is there are lot of people out on the ice?  

I am going to try to come on from the South this time.  If you remember my posts from last year, I usually go to Touchwood and then across to Spencer or go out to Jackson from there.  I saw some directions on the board and I will give it a go.  


Spencer has been fantastic!!!  We were there last weekend, came home with our 2 walleyes, limits of perch(12+) & some jacks.  I thought that I would try Kinnaird this past weekend.  Some of the other guys went back to Spencer and slaughtered again!!


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