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Hey guys, some of you may know me, but i got told to check out his message board. Great stuff, wish i heard about it sooner. See you out on the ice   :'(

It's nice to see someone listens to me!
Check out the whole site, tons of info and funny stuff.
Later TJ

Good to see another northern Albertan here!!  Excellent site, with knowledgeable individuals, & fine humour among other things!!!

Welcome Bigbore, you always have good information. Where abouts in Alberta are you from?

New here too.  New to Alberta fishing as well.  Coming from NWOntario, I find the reservoir fishing for walleye hard.  So many places for the fish to be hiding I guess.  Been mostly fishing for Rainbows through the ice with my daughter.  That's a lot of fun for both of us and they're hiding in the same spots as the Brookies in NWO.  Any good tips and places around Calgary for us to explore would be appreciated.  Thx.


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