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Perch Jigging Rod Suggestions

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I’m looking bat pulling the trigger on a good jigging rod this year. I always target perch. Mostly jigging with Hali spoons or similar sometimes with tungsten. What’s everyone’s go to rod? I have been looking at TUCR Bull whip and a local guy makes some nice 30” power noodles.

I just ordered a power noodle and a perch rod from bass khang, hoping they're very sensitive for the light panfish bites

I prefer graphite type of rods with their fast action and load.  For the most part I like to use my Thorne Bros. Panfish Sweetheart and Perch Sweetheart rods.  Between the two rods I will still start with the Panfish Sweetheart first. 

Before that, I was a St. Croix fanboy and I used a lot of the St. Croix ice rods I like the ML in 28 inches as it seems to be quite versatile.  The current model would a Mojo Ice rod.  This year's cosmetic touch is an unpainted dark grey rod and black synthetic grips.  They look really nice but there's nothing wrong with my old Premiere Ice and old purple blood Mojo Ice rods.

id vote 36l st criox mojo ice, really like that one. new addition is the 39inch light tickle stick from 13 fishing....lots of sensitivity and backbone in case you smack into a hog

How deep of water will you be targeting?


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