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Missing a lot of fish

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I had an auto fisherman a few years back, sort of the same idea as the newer jaw jacker. I took the float that came with it off and used one of my wave wacker floats (similar to venom floats) which has the line slide under the water so it doesn't freeze in the winter. I would pull a few inches of slack so the rod didn't set immediately, that little bit of delay in hookset resulted in a lot more hook ups. I now use wave buster or venom floats on all my ice fishing rod/reel setups, it eliminates that knee jerk hookset which you miss a lot of fish on.

I like the idea of using the float I think I'm going to give that a try

Some days, I miss a lot of fish.  Some days, I hook them all.  Some days, I pull them for a few feet before they unbuckle.  Some days I lose them just at the hole either when their head bumps the ice or they just surface and then their head starts to shake and the hook pops off.  Sometimes a single #14 or #16 hook does the trick.  Sometimes a size 2 or 1 hook is the answer.


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