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Cleaning burbot

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Buddy of mine sent this to me last night, thought it was worth sharing.

Question - has anyone saved a burbot liver to prepare for eating?  How was it?

A friend of mine in Alaska makes liver pate out of them and says it's great. He says the natives he fished with say it is the best part of the burbot. I have tried them fried with onions and could still taste the cod liver oil I was forced to swallow as a kid (I'm 70). My guess is the traditional French pate spices might hide it, but I now give them to the crows. No complaints from them.

Interesting, I've always kept the filets and belly meat, made stock with the heads and frames and tossed the rest.  Maybe I'll try some this time around.

That's a pretty rough skinning job.

The neck cut should go through the skin only, and should go all the way around.  The skin does come off (and much easier than what they experienced in the video), but it does want to tear the meat, so doing it carefully preserves a lot of meat and the character of each fillet and belly.  If they're frozen or partly frozen it's a lot trickier. 

I bring mine home whole and have a skinning tree with a big hook for burbot skinning.  If you slit the flesh below the jaw you can hang it on the hook and pull the skin with pliers on each side, or easily work your way around.

i don't skin em anymore.  just clean the same way you would and cut the skin off after.  easy peezy and it doesn't looke like a murder scene when you're done.


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