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Deer hunting today

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John skipping trying out the ice first. Heading out in alittle bit up top, finishing up my oatmeal going to need it today. Just to let you know so somebody does, heading out to the dump breaking north to swamp then west over ridges to the old treestand. Then back to Tom's. Should be back around 10:30 heading out by myself. I'll give you a call when I get in. Wensday looks like the day to fish for me I think we are going to have that heartattack ice. You know what I mean four inches of slush frozen on top then whoosh to the sudden stop four inches below. Well gotta go shoot your sleeping deer or your cap missfiring deer or the countless other's you screwup on.  :laugh: ??? ;D ;D

Why you bum.Shoot one for me.I was at moms yesterdayand tried to take some of Robs Meat out of the big freezer in the the basement but she made me put it back.I guess i`ll have to go out one more time during blackpowder.

Back in the only thing moving in the woods was me. Hunted backwoods from old stand to the dump actived by the dump but did not cut fresh track I was going to go into the white pines across from that gut I put you on stand the last time but I ran out of gas. I've done had the radish on hunting, time to do some fishing we have four in the freezer one by truck three by gun no help from you I might add :'(

A question to iceshanty members. If a man tracks a deer through the woods to it's bed four feet away a buck none the less. And then he does not know if it's alive or dead even when he had three inches of fresh snow on the ground then stands back and yells and misses, what would you call that man ??? ??? ???Oh i got it I would call him Imissedem :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

pike master:
u guys must be brothers lol  :laugh:


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