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On Green Bay going Carp Crazy!

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Pete and I have been fishing the Sturgeon Bay area on Green Bay for walleyes during the last couple weeks. We didn't catch too many walleyes but, I did see some awesome schools of fish. I brought my recording equipment out one evening and caught this huge school of giant 10-20lb carp on camera just before dark.

Download: Green Bay Carp Crazy 2.8 meg


Sweet video IS......would've been awesome to see one of them take that jig.

Wow, awesome video Scott!   Definitely too bad one of those pigs didn't take the jig...they're in the spawning mode though, I've seen them like that a bunch of times (open water, just after ice out) and they just don't hit.  ::)


Cool video! Those cameras really show nice footage in clear water.

Wow, what an awesome video! Anybody ever see them when they are stacked up at Montezuma wildlife preserve trying to get out of the canal and into the pond? Hundreds and hundreds of them.


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