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Water Wizards in Action!

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Water Wolf:
In this first video I dropped the Water Wizard right beside the camera so you can see what it is like underwater.

The second video is a general jigging sequence so you see how it moves.

The third video has a pike looking at the Water Wizard only to dart away.
It came back a min later and was hooked but I didn't get that on film. ::)


thats really neat, they actually work too! Great job, maybe thats the secret to catching fish. The fish that have seen human faces associate them with pain from the hook. Therefore they are angered at the face, and because the face is sizable they attack on impulse! ;)

Water Wolf:
You never know pikemaster, a good theory for sure.
I will try and explore it a bit more. ;)


Remember fish only have feeling in P.E.T.A. adds against fishing ::)


--- Quote from: PERCHPULLER on Mar 10, 2007, 07:48 AM ---Remember fish only have feeling in P.E.T.A. adds against fishing ::)

--- End quote ---
P.E.T.A. = People Eating Tasty Animals


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