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NEW Valentine Refuge Report


From the Refuge Management:

02-26-2021, 08:40 AM
Valentine National Wildlife Refuge fishing lakes 2/25/2021, ice measured/checked in evening between 5:30-6:30 pm: Ice fishermen were out on Dewey, Hackberry, Duck, and Clear lakes today. Test holes were drilled 10-15 yards onto the lake from the boat ramp/parking area. Clear Lake - 10" ice, observed 3 groups of fishermen. There is open water in the east bay. Dewey Lake - 6", 6" and 7" of ice. Talked to a fisherman who said they were fishing on 7" towards the west end of the lake (west parking area). The east end of Dewey Lake has started to open up by the water control structure, and access at the east parking area is questionable. Hackberry Lake - 6" ice observed at east and west parking areas, with a couple patches of open water observed at west end of lake. Watts Lake - East parking area - 6" of ice, dicey getting onto the ice, west parking area 7" ice. Duck Lake - 6" ice, starting to thin by the parking area/access. Remaining fishing lakes were not checked. Be safe out there!
Melvin Nenneman

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Wow, what an awesome report!


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