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--- Quote from: haugboss on Jan 31, 2020, 03:34 PM ---Gave this Lake a try for the 1st time today plenty of ice. 6-7"
 Couldn't find any fish except couple bass.
 Met a couple nice gentleman that gave me the lay of the land showed me a few spots to try they couldn't believe that fish weren't biting either.

--- End quote ---
And you dint come by and get me   :%$#!:

Hey Haugboss' that was us; ended up getting into a few decent ones about 45 minutes before dark; 1/16 ounce chartreuse Swedish pimple tipped with anything seemed to do the trick; got enough for a meal. It was nice meeting you as well.

Flint didn't have number. Also didn't think about it.😕

Yes good to meet guys. The plan going into a Lake blind was fish the holes everybody else had been already I didn't realize there were are gonna be a 1000 holes drilled out there. 😂🤣😂🤣

Just pulling your leg Al.

Does Pony Creek still have decent ice?  Gonna be in the area this weekend and can fish a small farm pond.  Just didnt know if it would still have ice.


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