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Underwater video of bluegills and pike in the cane

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Awesome video. I really liked the music too, who is it?

yes, very cool video.  :thumbsup: those pike look cool underwater like that.
I bet the cam, helps a lot, yet another toy to add to the list.  ;)2

ol crawdad:
COOL VIDEO IceShanty!! Great job...

i would of tried getting that pike to bite the jig pole and that would of been a fight and a half

Gamefish are closed here guys. I tend to pull the jig out if they look like they want to bite it,  ;D I easily lost 100 jigs to pike bass and weeds this season! 2lb test in the heavy cover you just don't have the odds in your favor for landing them. If you don't get the head in the hole on the hookset you're out of luck.  :D

I used a aquavu scout and an old jvc 8mm camcorder to record. Found that it's really much better watching later at home on a larger screen you can really see the fishes body english much better than the tiny screen the aquavu comes with. It's a neat toy I really despise fishing with it but its an awesome learning tool, recording is fun and using it for identifying fish is very very useful. The music is from some one man band pc home recording  ::)



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