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Underwater video of bluegills and pike in the cane

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Captured this underwater video a couple weeks ago. Neat to see how the bluegills are rather fearless of the pike.

Download: Bluegills and pike in the cane 15 meg


Great video Iceshanty.... ;D

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awsome video,just gave me the  incentive to do some open water fishing this morning as there is to much snow to get to our hardwater here in northern california,thanks!      Dan

That's perty sweet.  Looked like a nice pike and a couple of nice gills

Very nice....If that was me up above fishing you would have seen my gill jig fly up out  of the water as soon as that Pike came on the screen, to be replaced by a nice Pike rigged jig...I always keep one ready for surprise vistitors like that

Question: What did you use to record that?


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