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CamoFish's videos (2/15/06 Camo Jr.'s 1st fish on jig pole and more)

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Here are a few videos that I found then my son was 3 years old and the 1st time hands on I had him on the ice, what a natural.  ;D

And here is one releasing one of his 1st pickeral on the ice.
Notice the hands and arms in the air at the end, "My work is done here now."  ;D

And here is one releasing a nice smallie on a windy day.

Looks like I need to get a few of this year before the ice is gone.
Fish On! Fish back down the hole!  ;D

Cool, kids crack me up...he shoots - he scores with the smallie!

Nice camo!!! definatly in the blood.

Thanks for posting Camo.  What a hoot. Twill be nice memories

well done :clap: :thumbsup:


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