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Blue Heron Feeding

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FInally got the video uploaded.... Few weeks ago on Champlain this heron came flying over and landed nearby. I tossed a shiner and the heron pounced on it. Jigged up a perch..same thing...few more fish and I decided to toss it a fatty sucker and take a video clip. He was flyin a little "heavy" on the way out. I thought they migrated south to open water?

Cool video. I also thought they went south. But I have had one around here (Western Ma.) all winter??

Nice video - Looks like you made a nice 2 legged freind.

I live in Centreal Saskatchewan, Canada.  Birds have been acting really strange these past couple of years. In mid December I was going for a walk with my dog in the dog park when this big flock of about 100 Canada Geese flew over me.  It was -20 or so, so the birds should have been long gone.  Even stranger yet, they were flying North and not south.  I dunno if it's global warming or what.

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I even get confused when day after day (well not entirely each day) but many days of recent, when those flocks of birds can not seem to make up their minds which way to fly. And I must admit, you're video of that Great-Blue is a great piece of evidence to the fact, that something is amidst, because usually the animals are the first to indicate something wrong (i.e. canary in the birdcage as an alarm for carbon monoxide or other airborne poisons). Just why that heron is where it was that day, is very bizarre. If it were me experiencing what you got to experience, I would have been very humbled and felt very privileged. And again, a great video, thanks for sharing that with us.  :tipup:

neat video Harry, thats def. something you dont see every day!


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