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hardwater Rick:
Happy new Year first
hopefully someone can help me out. I got the new camcorder for xmas
installed a firwire card, and I am using windows movie maker.. I can get the video's
in there and watch them.. which is a start. I would like to put them on DVD and hopefully post some fishing ones on here.. and guess what.. I cannot figure it out
maybe they are to big, but the program won't let me save them on a disk or e-mail some.  Is there some better software I should get? the pull downs for finish movie
like save to CD or e-mail are not high lighted to use.. can any of you give me some tips please, and what do you use for software.. I am halfway there. got them on my PC anyway LOL  seams that's as far as I can get. any help would be appreciated
thank you  if you would like you can PM me or send me an e-mail [email protected]     thanks

I use Ulead studio 8, I know ver. 9 just came awhile back.  It can do pretty much anyformat DVD WMA

hardwater Rick:
I found a program on my PC sonic DVD  and I made one  the movie when I capture it is AVI format
at least for now I got one on a DVD   thanks

Windows Movie Maker is for editing your movies. You should have a software program installed that burns cd's and dvd's for you. Something like Nero etc.

hardwater Rick:
yep got it thanks  they load in the Pc, as AVI files  I need to get them from the cam in MP3 format I think, I made A DVD and took along time formatting first
I believe because it is AVI  I guess     thanks


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