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Does anyone wear a personal floatation device?

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Appleman, they are warm and dont look like a float suit. I like the one piece as it stops the draft from going up your back. One most days I just wear underarmour and the suit. That is all you need. Rarely do I wear much more. Money well spent.

I just picked up arctic armor suits for the wife and myself, super warm and they float you if you fall through.  Now I sure do not want to test it, but it is nice knowing it can save me.  I also wear picks around my neck just in case.  And have 100 or so feet of rope in my sled.

Nope, never will spend my money on them. I have been trained to escape from ice. So i put my life in my own hands, even with a PDF you can still panic and drown

Thats great that you can escape from the ice if you go through, but if your totally soaking wet hypothermia will set in not long after unless you can get dried off and in a heated place. 

The suits that float will help keep you dry as well.

Dinga LING:
I just fish on 6" of good black ice or not at all.


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